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Pre Sales Contact Information

Contact us here if you have any questions before you buy. Submit custom quote requests here. Please include all necessary technical information we will need about your specific stream hosting requirements. For example, we will need to know how many simultaneous listeners / viewers you require and what bitrate you wish to broadcast at.

Technical Support Options

Before submitting a ticket to us, please make sure you use the appropriate helpdesk link above. There are two separate helpdesk systems available to you, depending upon what type of service you have with us.

If you require 1-on-1 assistance from us for getting started or any other reason and would like us to assist you via screen sharing (ie TeamViewer) there is a one time charge of $35 per session.

DMCA / Copyright Violations / Abuse Complaints / Subpoenas

If you are a copyright owner or legal representative, and you have found your material(s) broadcasted through our servers by one of our clients, please contact us here. We take these issues very seriously and and we have a priority to this issue above anything else. We will make necessary arrangements with our customer in question for them to provide you with proof of licensing for them to broadcast your material(s). If they do not have any proof of licensing, that particular customer is in violation of our Terms of Service and their services with us will be terminated immediately.